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Solar Power Systems

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Project and Implementations of Solar Power Producing Systems

Electricity produced from solar power is a clean, efficient and renewable energy with a limitless potential.

As the demand for electricity produced from solar power increases, the PV (photovoltaic) system costs decrease proportionally.

Rapid developments in solar power production technologies made electricity production from solar power efficient even under the climate conditions of the north. The location gaining the least from solar power in Turkey is still lucky when compared with the location gaining the best from solar power in Germany which will have a capacity of 5 GWp in 2008. Turkey is the 2nd country in Europe gaining the most from sunshine and when its area is considered the energy it receives has the largest potential in Europe.

When we take into account the pollution by fossil fuels and the cost of global warming, energy production from sunshine is extremely efficient. PV systems produce electric power without CO2 emission.

All the above shows that energy production from sunshine has a brilliant future in our country.

NIM INSAAT also follows the developments in this field and provides any kind of support for its customers with such requirements on both project and implementation basis.

Electricity production and technologies by wind power

Despite wind power exists in the nature free of charge, the expensive prices of wind systems increases the cost of the energy produced. Although installation costs are high, the post-installation costs are very little, so the unit cost of the electricity it produces is very low.  Wind power is a safe energy resource which lasts forever, does not need fuel, whose environmental effects are minimum, which does not affect coming generations. Besides many advantages of it, has disadvantages such as affecting people and environment visually and aesthetically, producing noise, causing death of birds and interfering with communication.

Another disadvantageous aspect of wind power is the necessity of working connected to the network at any rate and placement of amplifying transformer at each turbine. Also the efficiency of capacity usage is only 30%. Since the production will discontinue when it is not winding, wind power should be considered as a reliable electric power resource only in addition to or combination with thermal and hydraulic power plants.

Thermal energy production and technologies by solar power

No tools or machines such as pumps are required to be used for the operation of the system working on natural circulation. As the heating fluid in the collector operating as closed circuit is heated by the effect of the sun, its density decreases and returns to collectors. This action continues as the sun shines and heats the water used. In this system, cold water is directly connected to network pressure. The system operates at the pressure of the network water. The pressure of the hot water received from the system is equivalent to that of the network water. According to the operating principles of pressured systems, as the water in the storage heats the pressure increases and water temperature under high pressure reaches at higher temperatures. So the maximum temperature is obtained.

This is one of the methods of producing hot water by solar power in particularly Aegean and Mediterranean Regions of Turkey. In these regions you can notice an energy system installed on almost every roof of the houses. Widespread use and production of this energy ensures an extensive energy saving in these regions.

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